Fresh ingredients. Scratch baking. Mounds of meringue or even a generous fetching of fruit. We make the pies from
Norma's Cafe with love in our kitchen and serve them fresh to your table daily. You'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you taste one of our famous Mile-High Cream Pies™.

Whether you like coconut or chocolate, lemon or even peanut butter, rest assured there is comforting, home baking in every wide, open mouthful. And pies aren't the only thing for your sweet tooth.

Don't forget to ask about our hot fruit cobblers you can top with delicious ice cream, mouth-watering cakes made fresh daily, or even a Texas-sized helping of banana pudding.

Crisp and flaky crust. Rich and gooey pie. Fresh and fruity filling. Thick and Texas-sized meringue. Hungry yet? Order up some pie.

Life is short. Eat dessert first!™

Our Dessert Menu!

  • Pies
    Mile-High Cream Pies™ $2.99
    Fruit Pies $3.99
    Norma's Mini Pies $1.99 each, $19.99 dozen
    Whole Pies Available, Boxed To Go
  • Cakes
    Mouth-watering Cakes $5.99
  • Cobblers
    Cobblers cup $3.29 bowl $3.99
  • À la mode for an additional 99ยข